Seamlessly Integrated Features

Enabling transdermal delivery by computer simulation

Optimized model

ERCO Pharma’s stratum corneum model has been optimized against high resolution cryo-electron microscopy reference data from human skin.

Flexible workflow

A computational approach enables unmatched versatility during modifications of the concentration of active ingredient and penetrations enhancers.

High resolution data

Data collection with a resolution down to atomic coordinates is utilized in order to give a detailed description of the permeation process.

What we can offer you

Skin permeation

Using ERCO Pharma’s skin model we can obtain predicted permeation-rates of multiple solutes across the stratum corneum.

Topical formulations

Our skin model can help you optimize your topical formulation in order to maximize the partitioning of your drug molecule into human skin.

Computational consulting

We can provide computational expertise and on-site support, as well as contract calculation work.

Research team

Lars Norlén

Assoc. Professor, Ph.D. Dermatologist. 20 years of research experience with a focus on the determination of the structure and formation of the human skin using cryo-EM.

Magnus Lundborg

Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Biophysicist, background in organic chemistry and pharmacy, with an extensive experience from MD simulations and various free energy calculations.

Christian Wennberg

Ph.D., Theoretical Biophysicist. background in biotechnology, with previous experience from MD development and permeation calculations across cell membrane models.

Ali Narangifard

M.Sc., Mathematician and programmer. Expert on cryo-EM simulation. Designs software used to construct molecular models as well as analysis of simulation output.