Our Team


Veronica Sandman, CEO. B.Sc. Business and Economics. Over 15 years of experience from business administration in various sectors.
Maris Hartmanis, Vice President, Business Development. Professor, Ph.D. Maris has more than 30 years of senior executive experience from the international Life Science sector.

Research and development

Magnus Lundborg, CSO. Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Biophysicist. Focus on the lipid matrix within the stratum corneum and calculations of permeabilities through this system. He has a background in organic chemistry and pharmacy, with an extensive experience from MD simulations and various free energy calculations.
Christian Wennberg, Ph.D., Theoretical Biophysicist. Works with large scale simulation models in order to improve the understanding of the formation of the stratum corneum barrier. Background in biotechnology, with previous experience from MD development and permeation calculations across cell membrane models.
Lars Norlén, Assoc. Professor, Ph.D. 20 years research experience with focus on determining the skin structure using cryo-EM which, together with his career as a dermatologist, gives him an unique understanding of the skin’s structure.


Lars Molinder, Senior Advisor. Senior Healthcare Advisor to Carnegie Investment Bank. Over 20 years of financial experience working with companies in the healthcare sector.
Martin Bjäringer, Senior Advisor.

Partners and collaborators

  • Erik Lindahl, Professor, Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Stockholm University, SciLifeLab, Stockholm, Sweden.