Who we are

ERCO Pharma is a commercially focused, emerging pharmaceutical services and development company – built on 20 years of research at Karolinska Institutet and strongly committed to increasing the understanding of the human skin barrier and ready to help you address your transdermal challenges.

We are pioneering the use of advanced computer simulation to generate more information from your experimental transdermal data, creating a mechanistic description of the permeation process. Our vision is to become the global leader in enabling and improving transdermal drug delivery by computer simulation.

We are eager to work with you in the development of new, improved dermal and transdermal formulations by screening drug candidates and membrane permeability enhancers using advanced molecular dynamics simulations. We can help increase the understanding of how excipients function and affect skin permeability and our proprietary technology can help you predict drug permeability through skin.


Veronica Sandman

CEO. B.Sc. Business and Economics

Twenty years of experience from business administration in various sectors.


Maris Hartmanis

Vice President, Business Development. Ph.D., Professor

Maris has more than 30 years of senior executive experience from the international Life Science sector.


Research and Development

Magnus Lundborg

CSO. Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Biophysicist

Focus on the lipid matrix within the stratum corneum and calculations of permeabilities through this system. He has a background in organic chemistry and pharmacy, with an extensive experience from MD simulations and various free energy calculations.


Christian Wennberg

Ph.D., Theoretical Biophysicist

Works with large scale simulation models in order to improve the understanding of the formation of the stratum corneum barrier. Background in biotechnology, with previous experience from MD development and permeation calculations across cell membrane models.


Lars Norlén

Ph.D., Assoc. Professor

20 years research experience with focus on determining the skin structure using cryo-EM which, together with his career as a dermatologist, gives him an unique understanding of the skin’s structure.



Martin Bjäringer

Financial entrepreneur and private investor. Martin started his career at Alfred Berg Fondkommission in 1982. During the last 20 years Martin has worked independently with a focus on long-term private investments, combining his investment skills with entrepreneurship. Martin also has extensive experience in investing in the pharma and biotech space.

Lars Molinder

Senior Healthcare Advisor to Carnegie Investment Bank. Over 20 years of financial experience working with companies in the healthcare sector.

Michel Pettigrew

Past President of the Ferring Group of Companies, Michel Pettigrew brings more than 43 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. Prior to spending 18 years leading Ferring, Michel held several executive level positions over a period of 23 years at Bristol-Myers Squibb. He now leads SEVER Life Sciences as their Executive Chairman.

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